House of venus

Pompei is a place where one finds interesting thought of living in the ancient times. Often at least I feel very comfortable there and think that people of Pompei knew who to live in nice way. Of course all the ruins can not be seen now in the same glory as they once used to be. Some of the houses are partly rebuilt and there are green gardens to show how they could have been. One of the house – domus – that makes me feel that Roman know how to live is “House of Venus”.

DSC00436Domus is named as “House of Venus” because in the inner garden – perystilium – one can see nice painting of Venus.

Romans did not have any tapestry on their walls but they painted very often their houses with bright colors. Therefore also Garden walls could be used as painting ground for different reasons. Maybe to make space as glorious or joyful or for other reasons.

nebuthere we see Venus more closely. Somebody could say painting is not too magnificent. Maybe it is missing some style but on the other hand I feel very comfortable when I see it. It is kind of cosy. I can imagine sitting here on very sunny day under green three and watching Venus. Now and then I would have taken some gulps cool wine – and life would have been fine…

DSC00435of course house has some columns forming a portico to make scenery more showy and sensitive. Here we can also see that columns were coated by white mortar which was styled.

DSC00439“Green was your valley” one can say here. Very dense and green bushes make perystilium look very comfortable place. I guess in ancient times there would have grown many flowers, maybe fruit threes and some herbs.

DSC00429House of Venus is located nearby Ampfitheatre and old wine yard. It says in sign that this wine yard is created by seeds found inside ground/ash-layers. So basically this wine is the same people of Pomepi were drinking. See on backside the old Vesuvius volcano.

DSC00399Still one picture of nice perystilium in Roman domus. How nice it would have been to sit under three on sunny day … and drink wine with no hurry. Not like these days when it is always hurry.