Villa of mystery in Pompei


This villa is one of the best survived houses of Pompei – probably because it was covered with high layer of ash. It lies outside of the main city, which tells that it had some privacy – at least in some extent. This also maybe tells that owners wanted to live in their own peace in villa. The location of the villa is on northern side of Pompei – just between city and Vesuvius!

From big and outstanding Forum streets lead on northeast corner of the city. On once trip to villa a bathhouse and some outstanding private houses are left behind. Once this magnificient domus has been playing a role in city’s political play in ownership of some wealthy patrician.

Little by little houses get smaller and there are some monuments and statues on both sides of the street. And we enter the former city-wall and gate.

After city walls surroundings get gardenlike and there are flowers and green bushes. These days nice path leads from city-walls through the fields into villa. Around one can see fruit threes like oranges and lemons along the path walking towards the villa. DSC01010

Especially at springtime there are really beautiful poppy-fields on northern side, which glows in red.

After 100 hundred meters path lingers through green fields and finally ends up to a pit. And far back one can see the mighty Vesuvius standing proudly.DSC00364

As one can see part of the mountain top is missing. Now it lies everywhere around you… And the sea shore is now more than one hundred meters away from western city wall.

On the pit lies the villa of mystery. It is actually rather large house with many rooms. I guess it has once been a pleasant resting place for wealthy patricians.

Of course the footing has once been splendid – maybe with whitewashed or covered by marbles. Anyways the garden and yard seem to be little bit above ground. Now whole house rest on the pit because all those ash layers that once covered it.

Inside once can still find wall paintings now and there.

And after walking some time from room to room, one finds the room where lies magnificent frescoes where human figures are dancing.

Some people believe that figures are describing some strange rituals – maybe worshipping some gods. But there are no really good explanations for wall paintings and therefore domus is called villa of mystery!

These frescoes are really amazing – colors, size and their high level of accuracy. For some reason hot ashes did not burn paintings but they were left to afterworld to admire. How proud their owner must have once been. Some of the bright colors were really expensive and where shipped from other countries.

Few of the paintings look too dark to be seen clearly. Maybe they held here in this house some religious festivities in peace outside of the city.

Inside the domus there is inner yard where nice three is growing.

Even here they have found human bodies covered by ash – and now filled with gypsum. We can still see their last resting place when ash was raining from the sky…

In the large courtyard there is a structure maybe leading down in the cellars.

There are also some rooms used for wine pressing and milling corn.

This house have several rooms.

Well finally we need to leave and see rest of pompei…