Battle of Troy

When visiting Berlin museums I met these guys in one of them. These statues were rally nice work and catched my eye at once. Warriors here are related to battle of Troy so prpbably guys with nice helmet are Creek and those with funny hats Troyans.

Here very nice looking archer. I am not sure whether it is good to shoot from knee but looks very convincing.

And this guy must be Creek, if one can guess from helmet. Cool! I wonder how he would look in colors as they used to be in ancient times.

Here from different angle.

More archers and this guy must be Troyan. I actually saw this (or same kind of statue) in London in special exhibition. It had marvellous colors.

This guy seems like he is beginning to run – or maybe he is getting ready to stab his victim with spear.

And he we have a bearded experienced fighter – maybe not like Perikles but maybe Menealos himself. I wonder did they really fight without robes or tunicas…maybe.

And he had got a deadly wound and is in his way to gods…

Good work. One can see the muscles and tension of body in thick of the fight.

Here also another Creek fighter – meeting his ancestor after taking serious blow of sword.

Is he or she a Creek god? Are or Pallas Athena? Looking over battlefield and deciding fate of the men. Or maybe Creek king Agamemnon himself!

This warrior is ready to attack and he gives a good picture how well big round shield and spear makes a man. He would be difficult to win…

Same warrior from another side. One can see clearly his ribs..

This must be a Troyan warrior again. And he has got a bad luck – arrow has taken its place in middle of his chest.

Both figures downwards are related to first ones. But these guys have full color. As they used to have in ancient times. Very nice looking outfits. This archer was one of my first statues but this version was in London. Very cool…

Maybe this is some god? Anyway also very cool! Colors makes the difference. Still I also like very much just white once.