Different helmet types and other artifacts

I guess there would not be a man who would not recognize a Gladiator helmet when one sees it – at once. Especially helmets of Myrmillo and Thraex are the most well known. And no wonder. They were created for fighters but also for public. An they made their user like a strange lookin gods.

DSC07431Helmet of Thraex. Very typical and nearly all people recognize this type. Eye holes in helmet behind visor are very typical featurea as also brims.

mmxmmfgxAnother helmet of Thraex. Different material and little bit different visor style. Sometimes this helmet is also marked for Myrmillo’s.

DSC07499This Thraex helmet was found from Pompei and it was actually used in combats some 2000 years ago!

DSC07427Helmet of Myrmillo. There are little different styles of Myrmillo helmets and this one is easy to recognize from others.

DSC07436Helmet of Thraex from different angel.

äojäj Helmet of Secutor. Very round shapes makes it difficult for trident to hit hard. It is very protective but on the other hand it gives only limited vision which can be dangerous.

Other equipment

gfhhhfThis protective gear of Retiarius gives some protection for shoulder. It’s nearly the only protection of Retiarius – a brave man is needed for that job.

ggfmmThis short greave is used especially by Myrmillo.

Some are longer to protect also knee. This magnificent pair was once used by some Thraex.

eeeeTypical weapon of Roman world was shot sword – Gladius. Also many gladiators used it as a main weapon.

DSC07429This quilted manica was very effective as a protection. It was difficult to cut and light to use. Very easy also to wear tightly on your body.

Roman art from Gladiatorial combats

rrrrrrrrrArt from gladiatorial combats was very often created. Here nice mosaic work from two fighters.

dhdfHere also nice relief of two fighters. These art works have given lot of information also.

DSC07547Here nice work about Bestiarius fighting against wild boars.

DSC07481Important Romans had their own seat in Colosseum. Here carved name of one.

fdnfBestiarius type gladiators fought against several types of beasts. Some of those were nearly hunt to extinction because Rome consumed those so many in public gladiatorial shows.