Photos from Gladiatorial show

And games took place on one sunny Sunday autumn morning. First gladiators warm their body with olive oil. They rub carefully olive oil on their muscles to make them fast, strong and long lasting. They check and wear their gears on and give their presentation for public…

DSC07576Our fighters – Thraex, Myrmillo and Retiarius.

DSC07596Myrmillo is ready for fight – young and maybe best years ahead.

DSC07619Retiarius – maybe more experienced.

Untitledcx bfbsdAnd Thraex who is the ringleader.

DSC07610And combat begins – Thraex against Myrmillo!

ltyktykyAnd fight goes on evenly…

DSC07610Thraex attacks fiercely but makes a mistakes… and loses his helmet!

Myrmillo is the winner. But crowd saves poor Thraex!

Now is the turn or Retiarius to challenge Myrmillo! And he takes the win!

But still – good experience for Myrmillo. Maybe he will be the new star after some years…

DSC07621Now two experienced gladiators takes measure of themselves –

DSC07620First Murmillo and Thraex circle each others trying to find weak points.

reerggrRetiarius charges Thraex rapidly and Thraex barely escapes from trident!

mnfgnRetiarius throws his net but Thraex is ready ….

rhrerhrHe graps the net and that means turnover for the match!

fdnddAnd Retiarus is beaten. He asks mercy fro crowds. And again people are merciful … he gets another chance!

DSC07576Show is over! Good work!

DSC07635It’s time to interview gladiator actors… From helmet one could estimate that blows really hit the target!