Ancient city center of Rome

These day’s when one walks through old Forum Romanum it is difficult to imagine that once it was full of high buildings. Now you see only some loose ruins and only few buildings are left as one store building. But in Roman time all the space between Capitolium and Colosseum was full of life and big magnificent buildings. Below is a miniatyr model first of Capitolium. One can see on right side the Arx – actual castle or citadel – on the top of the hill. Nearly impossible to take. On around citadel there are temples like Juno Moneta, Concord and Honor and Virtue. Middle (little left) is located temple of Jupiter and in front of it also several temples for lesser gods.
rome ca

When one comes down from Capitolium right in the south is Roman Forum – Forum Romanum. It was the center of Roman life. Senate has it Curia on north-east side, basilica Aemilia and Julia worked as court houses. On the north side of Forum was tablinum, which contained state’s archives. Also in nort-west side was the famous rostra where people could tell they worries like in Hyde Park. Of course on the square were also several columns with statues and in the south Caesar’s mausoleum.
rome nn

When we walk through Forum towards south-east we get closer and closer Colosseum. Before there is a magnificent big temple of Venus and Rome. Also here were how many big and brilliant buildings were all over Rome. Now when you walk the Forum (2000) there is not anything high but just some ruins. They say that all the way to 1300 AD Forum was in rather good condition. Then it was torn apart and used for other buildings… too bad.

One can only say that Rome was built very dense. No wonder it had some 1 000 000 people in it’s glory days. Figure that was exceeded only in 1800-century.

More very nice models can be found on website where also these models are from.