Ancient Roman fort – Toledo


On High hills lies Toledo surrounded partly with river.

This bridge was done by Romans. Hill has been an excellent place for a fort.

Here stands an alcazar – a fortress on highest point of city. Originally it was first by Romans. Or even Iberian tribes.

Here one can find nice mosaics.

DSC00856Toledo cathedral

Mosque turned to a church.

DSC00907Artifacts from Visigoth museum.

DSC00929Very nice Al-Andalucia types portico from Visigoth museum.

DSC00743Nice courtyard inside palace in Toledo.

DSC00972Another inner yard from second floor in one palace.

DSC01015Very nice arches in church Maria Blanca.

DSC01117Toledo is surrounded by high walls and towers all around.

DSC01135When it’s location is on high hill and river is running around it, it’s practically invincible.

DSC01176This is local synagogue.

DSC01271Old mosque building near northern wall.

DSC01303This gate is located on northern side and from muslim time in Toledo.

DSC01317Also this port is on northern side.

This is northern side city wall. After wall hillside goes very steeply downwards.

DSC01372It’s evening and time to leave. Alcazar looks majestic from east-south outside city walls.

It looks magnificent still from far on the road.

DSC01407Train station. Also looking local style…