Merida – a Roman city – once Augusta Emerita

In middle part of Spain near border of Portugal there ia a city called Merida. It used to be once one of the main Roman strongholds in Hispania. Even today one can find several old buildings and structures coming from Roman times. Down below there are some examples. Merida is today rather small tourist city but that makes it just kind of wonderful visit place. I enter to the city in one late night with train. Early in the morning I bought a ticket to see some roman ruins…

DSC05763One enters into the Roman entertainment complex through nice garden where there are many trees.

DSC05404Here is the amphitheatre of Merida or what is left of it. Actually building is still rather attractive.

DSC05408The tunnels and walls with bench rows are still in rather good condition.

DSC06350There in the tunnels of amphitheatre I also met this gladiator. Looks like Thraces with Sica-sword.

DSC05472Nice arches in western side of amphitheatre.

DSC05488But this is what most of the tourist have come to see – the Roman theatre of Merida. It is actually very nicely build and very beautiful.

DSC05548Here we can see it from forward. This stage is also known for music lovers from concert held here by Il Divo. I have to say theatre was much more beautiful in live as in video.

DSC05524An interesting statue inside theatre complex. Actually rather nice…

DSC05596Walls of theatre building outside. Very nice and strong stone work. One can understand that this building was done by big money to last…

DSC05636Bench rows looks rather nice. I did not remember they were so good condition. On stone near stage wall (over arches) one can still read name “Marcus Agrippa”. Indeed he build also this!

DSC05682Nice statue among columns on stage wall. If I remember right this figure illustrates some god.

DSC05680And who is sitting here? Of course Livia – Octavianus wife. Taking guard already some 2000 years.

DSC05709On the garden behind theatre there are some figures of royal family. This guy is very interesting. He is Drusus the younger brother of Tiberio and father of Claudius. He was an excellent commander and conquered Germania. He died rather young after riding accident in suspicious circumstances. Some doubted even his mother Livia because Drusus was republican in his principles.

DSC05704And of course Augustus himself.

DSC05713And bother side by side – Tiberius and Drusus.

DSC05766This interesting thing can be found in southern part of city. It is actually a part of an aqveduct. Now doing work as a noise wall or wall in general beside road.

DSC05814In same direction there was a Roman cemetery and then after some distance a bath house.

DSC05833Some very nice mosaics were build as a bathhouse floors.

DSC05875A very nice looking Roman bridge – served already some 2000 years. It was actually some 200 meter long so surprisingly long. And still in perfect condition.

DSC05852There was also a Roman citadel which later was transferred as a arab alcazaba.

DSC05921Photos inside castle yard where lot of artifacts was laid to see for tourists.

DSC05959Nice arch is located rather near river. It is called Trajans arch. Very nicely done.

DSC05979One of the most remarkable ruins in the city is temple of Diane. Very nice indeed! There were also some presentation inside temple yard.

DSC05974The actual temple behind columns had also some interesting window frames. Probably modifies by arabs.

DSC05995In middle of the city of Merida one can find old Roman buildings and statues. This is one of them.

DSC06005This is probably god Ceres. Presenter as in outfit of Livia.

DSC06036Statue head from Roman museum in Merida.

DSC06051This mask was used by actors in theatre – from museum.

DSC06096Nice mosaic from museum.

DSC06145This is a good map which shows how wide Roman empire was. I once calculated how many states of todays world where ones inside Roman borders and got to 24 nations.

DSC06155Again very nice and famous mosaic describing hunt of wild boarks.

DSC06127A statue head from museum. Looks like a solid Roman man.

DSC06177There was also an excavation site under the museum. There were an ancient Roman houses and road that was to seen there.

DSC06197Because this was a Roman city there need to be also a Circus. This large field was left from that. Once white, green, blue and red parties – horse chariots – were competing here.

DSC06195Near circus is also located another excavation site where were some house ruins and an aqveduct that was still in really nice condition. It was rather long and I followed it to the small river.

DSC06252It continued magnificiently looking over river. It was rather high and had two layers in this location – very nice…

DSC06232A Roman house was located near aqveduct.

DSC06244Here aqveduct has two arches taking loads from above structures. Massive but very lasting structure.

DSC06434In the end of the day I still go back to theatre.

DSC06469Sun is setting and lights very nicely the upper theatre benches. It’s time to go tomorrow morning towards next city. Goodby Augusta Emerita – Merida!

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