Roman mosaics

Romans decorated their homes and official buildings very often with magnificent mosaics. In a way it was very useful because those art works were very long lasting – they could take abrasion and they were easy to repair. They were also very easy to clean and lasted for heavy use. And especially they were often very colorful and always joy for one’s eye. Often one could see mosaics in floors but also in walls. Romans did not have tapestry but they used colorful paints and mosaics to create beautiful athmosphere in their domus houses. Very often mosaics told about gods, fairy tales or animals. Down below there are some art works that have lasted all the way to our times – about 2000 years. Not bad!

DSC01454This mosaic is from Ercolano (Herculaneum). It describes probably gods – very colorful and good art work.

DSC01441This geometric work is very typical and it’s also from Ercolano. This work is not brilliant but still made floor unique.

DSC01440This work is also very interesting. It describes man – a god? – which has tail like fish? Very interesting! It is made only black-white but still very high quality.

DSC02189This mosaic work is from Italica – a Roman settlement near these days Sevilla. It has also very nice geometric patterns but much more detailed and complex art work that one we saw earlier above.

DSC02245Men at work in Italica – doing restauration work. These men do valuable work to preserve old Roman art for us to see.

DSC02207Also very nice work from Italica. I wonder – did they first do some sketching on wooden panel or actual floor bottom to see how it looked. At least difficult patterns need to be trained.

rrrrrrrrrrHere very detailed and tasteful mosaic work from museum of Merida. Very nice patterns indeed. For me designer looks genius!

ttttttProbably this is some kind of advertisement or cartoon work. Maybe to amuse citizens or make fun of somebody. One can see at least one satyr and all characters seem to be fairytale figures.

DSC06059This is not mosaic work. However very nice painting from wall. We can see here very convincing Bestiarius fighting against lion. Bestiarii were gladiators who fought against beasts in gladiatorial shows. We know that Rome consumed huge amount of beasts from northern Africa. Roman people loved to see brave men fighting against strange looking wild beasts like tigers, lions, bears, elephants – you name it!

DSC06097Some mythical figure playing lyre in this mosaic. Also many familiar animals in this layout – very interesting.

tyyyyyyyFat woman riding on donkey – joke? or humor? who knows the roman mind…

DSC06041Here also very detailed patterns with black on white background. Nice!

ehhreerjjA piece of bigger mosaic – probably a hunting scenery. Dogs chasing deers. Also very nice illustration.

DSC06501Interesting figure in nice colors – looks convincing especially little farther. Probably some god.

DSC06117This little bit worn mosaic looks very nice. Must be a war scene – soldiers saying good bye to their relatives and praying protection of gods.

DSC06107Horse race! Maybe the most important for Romans were circus races where white, green, blue and red parties competed in four horse chariot races. Nice mosaic about four horse chariots – quadrigaes as they said in ancient Rome.

DSC06137Very artistic figures here created with black pieces on white background. Are they shepherds?

DSC06142Bunch of fishes. Romans liked to eat fish and because the Mediterranean was their “mare” fishes were present in many mosaics. Here in Merida.

DSC06155Man hunting a wild boar. I have never seen that beast alive but looks really terrifying opponent. But after winning the prey one can enjoy from tasteful hot meat – or at least Asterix and Obelix did.

DSC06152This interesting figure could be Venus god. Or is it mermaid because figure seem to have also a tail. Anyway maybe not most stylish but still looking nice.

DSC06556A large mosaic work from Merida museum.

DSC07105A mythical figure here. Looks like our time seahorse but probably a fairytale figure from Creek myths.

DSC07117Very nice geometrical patterns – and nice colors. Central figure looks like creek god Medusa – seems that she has snakes as her hair…

20130924_130141These stylistic figures are from Rome’s ancient harbor city – Ostia.

20130924_111643Also a mercantile ship as a mosaic work from Ostia. There are still lot of Roman ruins and mosaics in Ostia. Place worth of seeing. These very detailed works are from Villa Adriana – summer palace of Roman emperor Hadrian. Very detailed work indeed. This artist must have been the best in his field. But of course only best was good enough for Hadrian…

DSC02182Mythical figures again – kind of ancient seahorses. And other animals from Medirerranean – dolphins, fishes, octopussy etc..

DSC02233This work describing ancient gods is from Italica again. Very nice work for people to remember which are the forces guiding everyday life.

DSC02214Nice floor mosaic from Italica picturing several birds of Roman times. I could not recognise all of them – but some where familiar. Very nice work form ordinary life.

DSC00756Very detailed and nice work. Many colors and exact work where different fishes can be easily recognised. Very good work indeed. Though can’t remember anymore where I took this photo…