Leon – a Roman city

There is an interesting museum in Leon concentrating on Roman culture – especially legions. As a fact it is also the history of Leon itself. Museum is near city walls that romans once started to build. It happens to be so that Leon got it same from legion. This is because city is founded around 29 BC as a fortress for Roman legion VI (Victrix).

DSC01991Photo from one of the main squares (near Gaudi house and Palacio de los Guzmanes).

DSC02185The city of Leon in Spain started from Roman legion based there to keep region calm.

Leon2rThe Roman fortress on Leon – when it all started.

DSC02178Imagination how living quarters of Roman legionaire could have looked…

DSC02180When not training or fighting, men passed time playing dice or other board games.

DSC02181Personal equipment of one man living in this room.

DSC02182On course Scutum shield and pilum spear are in the corner for fast use if needed.

DSC02183When it is cold this fur coated robe will help to stand in quard.

DSC02194A very nice Roman armor used in last period of republic – mail-chain shirt. Typically Centurion would have used this armor.

DSC02186This armor was very protective and still made it possible to move fluently. Used in imperial Rome 0-100 AD.

DSC02198Typical Gladius sword – very handy when used in close combat. Origin of the sword came actually from Hispania.

DSC02211One of the most important tools of Roman soldiers – Galicula sandals. Roman soldier needed to be able to march even 100 km in one day.

DSC02212Yes – Galicula had iron stables on it’s bottom. This made sandals very long lasting.

DSC02206Roman Puglia knife with some tools used by legionaries.

DSC02228And a general picture of all …

DSC02237A Roman helmet used by legionaries in Spain.

DSC02200Bath house was also very important for legionaries.

DSC02164Some nice pictures from museum. Roman soldier patrol near city wall.

DSC02162And a family picture from Roman domus.

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