Roman bridge of Salamanca

Romans were very busy in Spain (Hispania at that time). Of course they built lot of bridges which many still are intact – not bad after 2000 years. Usually Roman bridges had strong stone foundation and the loads were carried by help of arches. Many of the bridges are even more than 100 meters long. One can just imagine how much work it has taken to cut stones in quarry, transport them to jobsite and then put them in right positions – with mainly human strengths. But these bridges were made to last…

DSC01391General view from Roman bridge towards city of Salamanca.

DSC01388bridge is really long and build to be robust.

DSC01383Nice arches take bridge over river Tormes.

DSC01379Foundations are little larger on other side of bridge.

DSC01373Here foundation are more simple – maybe because of the ground they are standing.

DSC01352Anyway nice bridge – and nice weather is Salamanca.

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