Lucus Augusti – Lugo

In north-west Spain exists a small city called Lugo. It is small and rarely visit by tourist. Once it used to be a thriving Roman colony. It history probably begins from Celtic origins but it came a Roman city when Paulus Fabius Maximus conquered it. At 13 BC it became a Roman military camp and it was an important part of Roman region of Tarraconensis. There were gold mines in region which made it important. Thus city grow one of the two most important cities in region. Along time it had also a seat of bishopric. After Roman it still remained an important center of Visigoths. But then after berberi invasion it was deserted and turned to wasteland – found later on. Only after 10th century it was rebuid again.

A night view from Roman walls of Lugo – walls continue around the city and one can walk on top of them all the way.

Cathedral of Lugo at night lights.

Part of wall near one portico.

A port of t´he old town of Lugo – a new city is grown outside of it.

Roman history lives in the hotels also – a Roman miniatyre statue in our hotel.

A port to historical Lugo and behind stands Cathedral.

A famous Roman bridge near Lugo (some 500 hundred meters from old town).

Bridge lies over river Minho and it gazes nicely on the water surface.

Still there is one Roman soldier guarding the bridge. I hailed him with respect.

There was actually a Roman bathhouse on eastern side on bridge on the side of Lugo. Not really much left of it.

A model of Roman military camp in museum of Lugo.

A long long wall line in Lugo at daylight. It is amazing! I really don’t remember seeing wall like this anywhere. People are using it on everyday walk on way to shop and work. Some people are jogging around the walls.

Another place beside the walls. As everywhere houses are grown side by side the walls.

This used to be the historical center of old Roman Lugo – Lucus Augusti.

Some nice mosaics in city museum.

More artifacts – Roman lambs. They can be found as thousands and thousands everywhere in Roman realm.

Some history of Roman forum in Lugo – not much left.

A reminder of old times in the old city near southern walls – a Roman eagle standing on top of the column!

Just some parts of foundation…

And more and more mosaics – and our journey continues to Coruna. Surprisingly a Roman city!