Roman light house in Coruna

There is a magnificent Roman light house in Coruna. It was built long ago at 2nd century by Trajan. Or he may have rebuilt it from smaller version. Some people believe there even existed earlier smaller light house done by Phoenician. This light house is located in a peninsula north-west Spain and whole Atlantic ocean is on west side. Therefore it had a great importance for roman cargo- and mercantile ships carrying silver, gold and other valuable materials.

The light tower is now some 55 metres after restoration work done some 200 years ago. It is the only one built by Romans that still can be visited. I climbed up to terrace and views were really nice over sea. In the bottom layer there was a museum were Roman artifacts found in the area were shown. Once Agrippa and Octavian conquered Cantabrian tribes and merged north-west Spain into Roman realm.

Some statues before lighthouse.

On the ground floor there is a museum. Old Roman artifacts and remains from Roman times.

A walking level leads through ground floor and Roman building phases can be seen.

On upper floors one can see very nice stone work.

And stairs lead on the top of the light house. This is by the way only roman lighthouse that can be visited!

From top a very nice view to the Atlantic ocean can be seen. I suppose the colorful round compass on ground is art…

It is spring time and April. Sea is restless and waves are coming from north onto shore.

Here we can see very mice stone facade -still very much the same looking as Roman times.

Nice statue – looks more like 18th century warrior – remembering from something…

Views to north-east – to northern shore of Coruna. Down below path and lot of yellow flowers.

Here once again light house from front – looking very majestic.

And sea again.

And light house from south – on the path to aquarium which stands on small peninsula.

And here beside aquarium.

Now I am standing on other shore of bay – on south side. Coruna beach is on right hand. B

Here last view to light house from southern shore of bay. But I use here on pic magnifying lens.