National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Last summer i visited Naples. My aim was to see the city and get up to Vesuvius. I could not enter Vesuvius because area was dangerous to move due to forest fires. Anyway I got a good climpse pf city and I was very pleasantly surprised. The old city was the kind of as one can expect but still very special kind because the local culture. The seashore streets were very nice when sun was shining and weather warm. One place I visited was the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Because history of Pompei and Ercolana one could expect that there would be lot of Roman treasures. I have heard that many of the original artifacts found from region are now in museum. Like mosaics of Pompei. So I wanted to see the real Roman artifacts. I entered the museum on early noon and spent there most of the day. And I must say it was much more than I expected. It was nearly same level as Louvre or British museum when compared the artifacts. And especially in Naples one can see real nice collection of Roman artifacts – mosaics, statues, art and glassware. Especially museum is rich with statues. below are some examples.

This statue is very nicely done. Probably Livia as a goddess Ceres.

Now this is emperor Domitian. There are not too many statues about him. hmm … may be no wonder.

This must be emperor Titus. After short period of ruling and finishing Colosseum works, he got ill and died. Probably poisoned by someone. Maybe behalf of next emperor Domitian. Who knows but at least he got benefit of death of Titus.

And again Tiberius – here as younger man.

And here is the man himself – Vespasian. This emperor is famous to been very stingy.

Here little more colorful version about Vespasian.

This great looking guy is the emperor Claudius. Claudius was a very educated man but this portrait is maybe little exaggerating his looks.

Who is this? Nobody knows but she is from period of Trajanus.

This is emperor Hadrianus – a good emperor.

And this one is Septimus Severus. Also an efficient servant of state.

This is the great one – Gaius Julius Caesar.

Here another great general. Maybe the most skillful warlord in Italy – Scipio Africanus.

And this character is Octavian – here as a bronze statue.

The other bronze statue is of course Livia – she is saved for afterworld in many statues.

This is interesting one. A portrait of king Pyrrhus who once came to help Creek cities in southern Italy against Rome.

These two bronze statues are also very well done.

Both statues have women as mannequins.

Who else is this but Caracalla – an emperor who was assassinated very soon.

Is this Brutus – or Cato? Don’t remember anymore…

These guys look really like starting to run like in athletics.

This man or faun has maybe drunk too much. Anyways he is resting.

Very realistic looking bronze statue. Very nice …

Also Ptolemai III – king of Egypt – has found his way in here.

Here Ganymede and the Eagle – and a dog. Mythology…

This arrangement was in one of the halls. I guess they are sacrificing a bull…

This big statue from Claudius has been in Ercolano.

And here well known emperor – Marcus Aurelius.

And here goddess … Maybe Ceres or Athene. It is good to remember that once also this region used to be in Creek dominions.

Very colorful statue. Nice work…

Here rather realistic equites soldier in horse back.

A goddess playing lyra – maybe Apollo…

Very interesting arrangement here. Look like half man and goat – a faun – and a boy.

And here nice looking guy – but not known. Still great work…

This is very artistic. A boy riding with a big fish. Maybe dolphin- who knows…

This must be Venus!

This young man is a local musician.

This is Creek goddess of plenty – Artemis. Familiar especially from Efesos.

Roman glassware. Maybe time 100 AD.

This must have been wine amfora from glassware. Very very nice looking.

In the museum there was also a small scale model from Pompei. At least from the part that has been excavated.

Area of theaters look familiar for those who have been in Pompei.

Here whole model. It is interesting to think that once the city was on seashore. So before it’s destruction one has been able to sit on theater and look over sea of bay of Naples. After that land has raised – maybe because of Vesuvius eruptions also.

there was also a model from temple of Isis – the Egyptian goddess. It actually had followers in Pompei.

Here is illustration of big theater in Pompei as it may have been. Very very nice indeed.

Some kind of painting in Roman world. Here on surface of plaster.

This man is Calpurnius Piso. He was Caesar’s father-in-law if I remember right.

Here is some kind of fight going on. Is she fighting against Faun?

This must be Julius Caesar on horse back. Cool!

This is one of the artworks which rulers of Naples kept on secrecy some hundred years because it is little bit courageous. But in Roman world this was ok. Romans had seen everything so they were not too shy. I guess it has it’s place … maybe in garden…

Anyways this is just small scratch what one can see in National Archaeological Museum of Naples. The good part is that you can buy a educated guide in museum to explain more about artwork. I paid to be told about mosaics and it was worth of money. The guide was very qualified and patiently answered to our questions. There are automats you can buy coffee, sandwiches and sweets. Here your time goes well. And you can get there with metro very easily.

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